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  Welcome to the How to Create a Hyper-Engaged Community Course!

Congratulations! You just took a huge step toward creating a hyper-engaged community that can actually last the distance, and to getting supported by others all committed to doing the same.

We are so damn excited that you are here and part of this amazing community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business owners, community managers, team leaders and aspiring impact-makers who together are redefining what it means to be in community with each other.

We are thrilled that you have decided to join a movement and course that is driven to put the human back in connection, the aliveness and energy back into online and in-person communities, and together steering the hell away from turning people into faceless numbers and 'lists'!

To kick things off, please click the video below to meet your instructors and hear more about how this experience will roll:

Our main goal is pretty simple: In this course, we are going to show you how to build connections so powerful that entire businesses can be built upon them. This course is capable of guiding you to some phenomenal results, but there are a couple of provisions:

  1. You must do the work. All of it. There is no ‘filler’ in this course. Every module has been carefully built to pair concepts and theory with on-the-ground action. Please resist the temptation to skip over the work (esp. the action items) or motor ahead. Trust us on this one. Community building takes time and consistent effort, and it also takes doing the work & putting in the effort consistently.
  2. Complete the course - many people start courses and are excited at the beginning, only to tail off and give up just when they are about to break through something that will make all the difference. Don’t be one of ‘those’ people.
  3. Take Action - in isolation, the course content will have next to zero impact on your hyper-engaged community building efforts. You MUST take action to see results.
  4. Self-pace - Although this course is delivered in 8 modules, it certainly doesn't mean that in 8 weeks you will have a hyper-engaged community. As you will discover, sustainable communities grow organically; it can’t be rushed and will depend on a) your specific community, and b) where your community building is currently up to. Give yourself permission to self-pace through this course and take the actions when they feel appropriate for you and your community (i.e. don’t bombard your community with all of your new tools at once!)
  5. Have fun! We don’t do anything here at The Connection Effect unless it’s fun. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to focus 100% on your community creating efforts - we have done everything possible to amp up the fun factor and it’s up to you to enjoy the process too. It’s also going to require your consistent effort and sometimes things will get tough or challenging. So long as you push through and do your very best, we guarantee the fun-factor will return.

Sound good? Awesome!

Our Facebook Group Exclusive to HEC Plus and Premium Course Participants

For Hyper-Engaged Community 'Plus' and 'Premium' course participants, we have set up a special online interactive space for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to build hyper-engaged communities to connect, share challenges, ask for help, offer help, collaborate and have some fun!

This space includes fellow course participants, as well as hand-picked individuals who are interested in being part of this conversation about hyper-connection in community. It is a promo-free, judgement-free zone and a safe space to work out how to create meaningful communities that last and that make an impact. It is also a space for interaction. No lurking is allowed and we do a 'spring clean' every 6 months to make sure only the best fit people are in this group.

If you are a Hyper-Engaged Community 'Plus' or 'Premium' course participant, we'd love for you to join the closed Facebook group by clicking on the link below:

The Connection Effect - Hyper-Engaged Community Huddle

Today's Action:

  1. Watch the above video with Leah and Naz.
  2. If you are a Hyper-Engaged Community 'Plus' or 'Premium' course participant, we invite you to request access to the Facebook Group, introduce yourself and answer this question: What kind of hyper-engaged community are you thinking about building/or have already built and what is your #1 biggest challenge right now?

Up next... once you have completed these steps, we'll see you in Module #1 -Introduction to the Hyper-Engaged Community Framework